Преподаватель по Скайпу Салман: английский язык



Возраст: 44 года

Носитель языка. Занятия рекомендуются при уровне студентов pre-intermediate и выше.

Язык: Английский
Education: 2002 Linguist , Moscow State Open University.

Teaching is not just a profession for me but actually a passion. The journey of my life experience starts very similar to the one of Marco Polo as he left his house at the age of 14 whereas in my case I left mine at the age of 7. Living in several foreign countries, meeting and interacting with people from more than 100 nationalities gave a vast experience of understanding a human behavior. I enjoy teaching especially when my students are eager to learn and work hard during my courses.

I teach general, conversational and business English, also FCE, CAE, IELTS, TOEFL. In depth knowledge of running my own business allows me to share my experience which cannot be found in books. I help students overcome their fears of speaking and therefore breaking the language barrier and build their confidence.

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