Преподаватель по Скайпу Лиам: носитель английского язык



Носитель языка. Занятия рекомендуются при уровне студентов pre-intermediate и выше.

Язык: Английский
Education: 1966 – 1973 St Philips Grammar School, Birmingham – 8 GCE “O” Levels, 3 GCE “A” Levels 1974 – 1977 University of Liverpool Degree course in Economics 2003 Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

My name is Liam, which is an Irish name. I was born in Northern Ireland, lived most of my life in England and now live in Bulgaria. After a long career in the UK Civil Service I now teach English as a second language, specialising in conversation practice and business English for intermediate and advanced students.

I am a very sociable person who enjoys conversation, and I aim to make learning and improving English an enjoyable and productive time for all my students.

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